The true fashion icon: Anna Wintour

“You can make a film in Hollywood without the backing of Steven Spielberg and remove software in Silicon Valley without Bill Gates. But it is very clear that one can not succeed in the fashion industry without Anna Wintour ‘s blessing . “

We all known very well who´s Anna Wintour. The main reference in the fashion world. Writer, journalist and British director who serves as chief editor of the American edition of Vogue. Even she´s the new style consultant of Hillary Clinton.
His black legend says that the editor hates eye contact, if a subordinate has the misfortune of running into her in the elevator , it is better not to look , not trying to be sympathetic with an irrelevant talk. Wintour actually isn´t interested in being friendly , says who cares for his friends, but ” work is work ” and prefer not to waste time on a small talk . She has explained that suffers from attention deficit and therefore requires its participants to summarize in a line to say what they want instead of dwelling on explanations will not hear.
Anna Wintour had been called “Genius”, “star” as called Oscar de la Renta. Its characteristic impeccable style , with millimetric perfectly cut , with no hair out of place , it is a reflection of its iron discipline . Chanel dark glasses , who has used both outdoors and indoors, increase the impression that it is impenetrable. She explained that they work like armor : ” When I’m in a fashion show, if I ‘m bored, nobody will notice . And if I’m enjoying … no one will notice . ” She does not like people read their emotions.
And now look at her feet. Anna Wintour is faithful to the ‘Manolos’ and whatever happens never wears painted nails. In spring and summer, the chief of the US edition of Vogue and artistic director of Condé Nast looks at all his public appearances double strap sandals signed by Manolo Blahnik. The shoemaker says that occasionally come together to change the thickness of the strips or heel height and, once and making an exception, vary the material and tone. But the essence is always the same. Wintour footwear only changes in winter. At the height of bridges, attends fashion shows in high boots and heels, which also always respond to the same court, but sometimes they are made of different skin types. In industry they breathe calm when they see that, at least when it is very cold, Anna dispenses with his inseparable sandals.
She is faithful at her style. Even she has received reprimands by PETA (organization that fights for the ethical treatment of animals), she doesn´t mind and continues wearing fur coats. Among her favorite designers you will find Chanel, Fendi, Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy, and Prada.
The more extravagant, better. Her style is unique. Like her.