Why invest in Chanel is a good deal?

There are clothes that never go out of fashion, accessories that remain in time as concerning styling and elegance and due to the quality of materials , careful design and meticulous production , have risen over the years.

This is the case of the designs of Chanel brand, which doesn´t stop great successes since he was born in 1910 and continues to position in ranking number 1 of luxury fashion internationally.


The most demanding consumers of this type of fashion has among to their Collection a Chanel bag, an iconic garment whose sale continues growing despite the recent global economic crisis. In fact, it was at this time when he started talking about investment in the field of fashion as a truly solid business. A clear example is the case of reappraisal of the legendary Chanel 2.55 bag, that if in 2005 costed 1650€, in 10 years has reach 10 times its value. And we don´t say it only us. The site Baghunter provides explicit figures based on a study by dozens of experts in the business of luxury fashion. They have analyzed all prices this bag has acquired since its launch in 1955. After analyzing their investment potential, they found that the sales value exceeded 2.55 Chanel bag inflator in USA, resulting in a better investment than real estate sector.


Coco was inspired to create the famous 2.55 bag in shelters runners racing horse that she atended. It´s fantastic. Isn´t it?


What is not in doubt seeing these data is that increased market demand luxury produced internationally is generating an upward trend in the prices of these items . Many investors are buying unique items and then selling at higher prices . In fact, increasingly, in stores secondhand clothes you can find real gems , sure, someday will sell for much more than initially cost you .