Lauren Hutton at the runway of Bottega Veneta

I don´t want to pretend I’m younger than I actually am.

-Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton acquired her fame between 70 and 80, and she was one of the first models to be mannequin of a famous brand of cosmetics (one of the best known, Revlon, with whom she signed in 1974 and was one of the most expensive in history), besides appearing in films such as American Gigolo and Once Bitten.
Ex model and actress, managed to become one of the mainstays for fashion and beauty in USA, and she has managed the cover of several magazines of prestige.

She soon dropped out of college and was willing to live the hippie era in all its splendor, until the director of Vogue, Dianne Vreeland, got the prestigious photographer Richard Avedon, did a photo shoot with her. This has got to be more than 30 times cover for this magazine.
Recently, she has surprised us  in the parade of Bottega Veneta at the Milan Fashion Week, along with celebrity fashion Gigi Hadid. To celebrate 50 years of the brand (now in command Thomas Maier, creative director of the brand), Thomas wanted to highlight the importance of lasting beauty with a collection adapted to all women.

We must reflect on women and what they want and need. We must think of all the existing variety of women there, and in all ages.

– Tomas Maier.

In addition the brand, developed a version of the bag that the former model and actress Lauren Hutton wore in the film American Gigolo.