Kelly from Hermès: a legendary bag

Everything is functional, not decorative, each stitch has its reason for being.-Axel Dumas

We go back to the 30s to talk about one of the most famous bags of history: Hermès Kelly bag. Between six months and five years is the long waiting list that has the bag. One of the more expensive models can cost up to 34,000 €.
Robert Dumas designed a handbag that broke with the canons of aesthetics of the time. At that time fashion was to bring the Clutches (bags that were a little bigger than a handbag), and became a symbol for women.
It was 1956 when the bag was a boom for the world of fashion. Why? Grace Kelly, the famous Hollywood actress, was carrying it.Fan of all models in all versions of the bag, the photograph of Grace Kelly with it went around the world because she used the same version of the bag but a little bigger to hide her pregnancy.
Hermès Kelly is crafted with the same techniques that were used to create saddles. It has a rigid base composed of 4 legs metal bands that reach their metal closure, padlock and Clochett, which is the part that is responsible for keeping the key bag.
Its process is carried out at approximately 20 production hours long to sew the 36 pieces that compose it, with 680 stitches and 16 rivets. Is manufactured in different materials such as crocodile, lizard, calfskin, ostrich … There are over 200 versions that can be manufactured and that is why we are talking about a unique bag. In addition, each season reinvents itself and has served as inspiration for several artists.
There have been different versions of the bag, but nevertheless one of the most important took place in 2004, when Jean Paul Gaultier introduced the bag with a long handle. In addition, there have been versions as backpacks for younger people.